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Our Mission

To accelerate digital transformation for our clients.

Our Story

We started in 2010 as a software company that offers document management and business process automation. We carried many products and technology services from technology principals like Adobe, Microsoft, Google and Oracle. At the same time, we have our service offered to both Businesses and also Technology principals. 


Today, our experience covers a wide areas from organizing design sprint to project management and software development. We are now eagerly building Smart phone Apps and integrating it to IoT devices. We implemented BI platform and explore AI/ML. 


Our vision is to build technology platforms to shorten the time for adoption and implementation. These platforms can be easily applied to business especially in area of logistics, sales and services . It streamline assets tracking, job planning and dispatch and empower workforce mobility.  

Our strength comes from our wide exposure from multiple diverge industries and customers - from banking to insurance, government to NGOs, high-tech manufacturing to retails, big tech firms to consulting firm, oil and gas to waste management, and many more. We have completed many projects and holds pride in our credentials for delivering some of the most challenging solutions to our clients successfully - and never to back down or failing to deliver. 

We believe in choosing the right person for the right job. And having a clear goal in all our execution. IPS will continue to holds up to the mission of making the world better by helping companies making the difference.    

Experienced Leadership



Web Applications Development

Mobile App - Native and Hybrid

Cloud Deployment

Project Management

Design Sprint

IoT and AI/ML

Creative Design and UI/UX



Java and .NET

MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle, Mongo

Microsoft Dynamics

Power BI

React Development, MERN

Azure and AWS

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